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The Challenges of Big Friendship: Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman

The Challenges of Big Friendship: Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman

Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman will be the co-hosts regarding the podcast Phone Your Girlfriend. Long-time buddies and news experts who go on contrary coasts, they explore the event of «Big Friendship» through their very own experience with their very first guide, Big Friendship (Simon & Schuster, $26), out today.

You have been co-hosting Call Your Girlfriend since 2014, which means you are understood on the web if you are buddies. How can your guide explore friendship–specifically yours–in various ways than the podcast?

Aminatou Sow: Like a number of our collaborations, none from it is determined. The book asks: So what does life seem like if the individuals in the center in your life are friends and family? That is a meta-conversation the 2 of us have now been having for a time that is long. We penned this book as an easy way of describing our very own relationship to one another, but additionally opening up a conversation that is robust just what this means to essentially select your pals and also them be vital areas of your life.

You discuss just how, at the beginning of your relationship, you created a «story of sameness,» and soon after, the need is discussed by you to upend that narrative. Are you able to speak about that?

Ann Friedman: the definition of «story of sameness» is one of the linguist Deborah Tannen. We did not also recognize, in early stages within our friendship, how exactly we had produced this story of the many ways we had been comparable. A few of it had been shallow: the two of us want to consume supper during the bar! nonetheless it happened really subtly, included in the bigger procedure for falling in deep love with one another as buddies. We only discovered later on that a practice had been made by us of deciding to concentrate on these similarities. Our capability to recognize and handle our distinctions became extremely important down the road.

All friendships undergo challenges: discrete moments that can cause discomfort, a gradual growing apart, or a mix of those.