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Worldwide Comparison – Revenue Worldwide Comparison – User Penetration

Worldwide Comparison – Revenue Worldwide Comparison – User Penetration

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Reading help With a projected market level of US$272m, many income is produced in the usa. Reading Support With a projected price of 4.3%, the consumer penetration into the Casual Dating portion is greatest in america.

  • Worldwide Comparison – Income
  • Worldwide Comparison – User Penetration

International Comparison – Income:

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The “Revenue” tab shows an evaluation of profits for the key economies within the chosen market (market section, area) and 12 months.

Worldwide Comparison – Consumer Penetration:

The “User Penetration” tab shows an assessment of individual penetration prices for 150 for the world’s leading electronic economies into the chosen market (market portion, area) and 12 months.

A meaning and step-by-step description for the displayed areas can be obtained right right right right here . Г—

Key Market Indicators

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The key that is following Indicators give a synopsis associated with the social and financial perspective of this chosen area and offer extra insights into appropriate market-specific developments.