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5 Tips for Women Traveling Solo in Japan

5 Tips for Women Traveling Solo in Japan

Among the world’s safest countries, Japan can certainly still be daunting for lone feminine people.

By Rachel Hartwick Mar 13, 2019 9 min read

As an expat, there are numerous reasons you might elect to just take a solamente adventure in Japan. Possibly your brand new friends don’t have actually the exact same days off work while you. Perhaps you’ve been staying in Japan for decades and also have grown exhausted doing exactly the same things using the exact same individuals. Or even traveling alone simply fits your personality.

Once I relocated to Japan, my English-teaching work put me in Fukui, notorious to be the least-visited prefecture by worldwide tourists. Therefore as soon as I’d settled in and a week-long autumn break from work arrived around, I became wanting to escape my prefecture’s cold, rainy times and explore the southern islands of Okinawa. My buddies didn’t have exactly the same days off work I booked a flight on a bit of a whim and set off on my first solo trip in Japan as me, so. It absolutely was a nerve-racking experience and lonely in certain cases (and interestingly took lots of courage simply to bring myself to eat at a restaurant alone), but 100 % worth every penny.

Considered among the safest that is world’s, Japan has been around the utmost effective 10 nations associated with international Peace Index the past ten years. Irrespective of the main reason, solamente travel that is female Japan is amazing while the trials and tribulations of traveling alone as a lady shouldn’t deter you against the action ahead. Listed below are five what to bear in mind before departing on a solo journey in Japan.

1. Select your accommodation sensibly