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Lesbian Kama Sutra: 100 intercourse jobs for women pt.2

Lesbian Kama Sutra: 100 intercourse jobs for women pt.2

Position 23. Magic touch

Good along with your fingers? place them to make use of using this foreplay position. While you’re sat on top of your lover, simultaneously enjoyment yourself as well as your partner along with your secret touch.

Position 24. Pleasure perch

Kickstart your sex session with this specific foreplay move. Get the partner to face and put her leg over your neck whenever you’re kneeling down. This can provide you with access that is full provide her some insane oral sex, getting the two of you worked up and willing to simply take things further…

Position 25. Cunnilingus

It’s a vintage but this intercourse move never ever gets old. For an cunnilingus that is orgasm-heavy your lover to take a nap and distribute her feet. Get her to then relax completely and wow her along with your tongue strategy.

Position 26. Lateral 69

Turn the 69 on its side – literally.

Position 27. Love seat

In the event that you didn’t understand it currently, props while having sex is hella hot. So with this particular place you’ll raunch it having a chair. Sitting hand and hand get hot and hefty with a few slutty handiwork.

Position 28. In person

For eye contact and a fantastic view of the partner you can’t beat one on one intercourse.